I'm not a writer and these are just some thoughts. Feel free to send a Postcard if you'd like to have a discussion.

It would be nothing new to suggest that exclusion can take place in any community. As a black woman, I can say that I haven't ever been able to identify directly with anyone in media. It's rare to be represented at all, especially in a light that doesn't feel demeaning in any way. When there are black girls portrayed in media, they tend to be the same personality each time (but that's another story for another day). I've always felt that on whi and other social media platforms, especially pertaining to images, there's an abundance of slim, long-haired, pale girls.Just today, i scrolled six pages down the whi account, weheartit.com/weheartit, and kept a tally of the images i saw. I counted a total of 99 girls who appeared white and THREE BROWN GIRL (and one asian. this was on the actual whi page!! U N D E R R E P R E S E N T A T I O N. its real, people. The scariest thing is that this isn't strange. It doesn't come as much or a shock and it's definitely not new to us. I understand that whi is a community where the users are responsible for contributing to the content. It's up to us to post all-inclusive content., Maybe the users are predominantly white. I don't know. I don't have a solution and i know equal representation won't happen overnight but i think creating a collection for black culture would be a great start (since y'all been dabbling in it anyways) I've noticed that there isn't even a channel for hip hop/rap or r&b.