This is the story of the end of my life.

This is not a love story.

On a hot summer morning, I met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She wasn´t beautiful on the outside: she had the most common brown hair, the most common brown eyes, small lips and crooked teeth. She wasn´t thin, she wasn´t fat. She just had a body I never payed attention to.

She fell in love with me as easily as you fall asleep when you´re tired. I never really knew what I meant to her, and I still don´t understand. I think I loved her, but for a short period of time. I dreamed of her, I thought about her, about her hands running through my body as we layed under the sheets.

But it had to end. Time is so big that it becomes nonexistent. There is only two endings for a relationship: or it lasts forever, or it has to end eventually. And lets admit it, both endings are scary and overwhelming.
So I decided to lose her.
We lost each other.
The hardest thing is: I still see her everyday, with that common smile and her common eyes that look for me everywhere. I know that no one is ever going to love me like she did. And that kills me.

This was never a love story.


Im sorry if this sucks I just wanted to write something, plus im portuguese so im sorry for anything <33