Hi everybody, this is my first article.
I didn't really know what to write about, but then I chose this topic 'cause I've started writing a story and I 'casted' as characters my girl crushes, so I decided to share them with you.
I've got 9.

#9 Alicia Debnam Carey
I'm a huge fan of The 100 so I had to include my beloved Lexa.

Image by alicectls gif, alicia clark, and alycia debnam carey image clexa, lexa, and alicia clark image the 100, alicia clark, and alycia debnam carey image
I love her innocent face and the colour of her eyes!

#8 Elsa Hosk

angel, elsa hosk, and girl image elsa hosk, model, and victoria's secret‎ image angel, elsa hosk, and Victoria's Secret image Image by AMB
Lool into her eyes and swear me you're not drowning in them, do it.

#7 Phoebe Tonkin
I started loving her as I child, on the show H2O, then continued with TVD and later with The Originals.

beautiful, girl, and phoebe tonkin image Image by Berlinergirl29 phoebe tonkin, model, and beauty image black and white, phoebe tonkin, and model image
She has such a nice face! And what about those green eyes?

#6 Maia Mitchell

Image by haha maia mitchell and the fosters image maia mitchell image maia mitchell, the fosters, and callie jacob image
The beauty of brown! She's beautiful just the ways she is! Like every single person. Plus, she really seems like a nice and easygoing person.

#5 Barbara Palvin

fashion, model, and barbara palvin image Image by fuck you girl, barbara palvin, and beauty image beauty, celeb, and model image
Why is she so flawless?

#4 Kat McNamara

katherine mcnamara and shadowhunters image beauty, kat mcnamara, and celeb image kat image katherine mcnamara, shadowhunters, and dress image
Say hello to my favourite redhead! (Even if her natural hair colour is blonde)

Here goes the podium:

#3 Doutzen Kroes

Image by AngelJ Doutzen Kroes image beauties and b&w image Doutzen Kroes image
She has perfect features: she's like a Greek goddess!

#2 Bridget Satterlee

Image by Ivana girl and bridget satterlee image girl, black and white, and photography image fashion, model, and beauty image
If looks could kill...

#1 Lauren Layne

brunette, pretty, and girl image girl and model image beautiful, photography, and lauren layne image beautiful, girl, and makeup image Image by juaniscv Image by juaniscv
As soon as I saw her, I fell in love with her. She has that unique look, so catchy!

Well, this was my classification. Maybe next time I'll do one on my boy crushes.
But also, as you may have understood, I love TV-series so maybe next time I'll write about my favourite ones. Who knows?!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!