Ive been trying to cope without you but it stills hurts.
When it hit me that me and you were officially facing the end of us i felt like a part of me was slowly leaving me. You left with all the real happiness i had in me, you were what made everything fun for me. You gave me a reason to live life and to experience it. But now you're gone and nothing is fun anymore, i don't have those days i enjoy anymore or those moments i wish to repeat anymore. I wish to go to so many places but i feel like i have no one that i would want to explore with other than you because i know you were the only thing that made me feel alive.
It's like we never happened to you but I'm left me with all these memories. I look for you in everyone else and i still hope i'll find someone to love one day. You turned me into this emotionally unstable weak person and i don't know how you managed to do it but you did.

deeply hurt,