today my little sister questioned me why I never cry,
thinking of how wrong she is,
I just said that I don't know why.

Little do you know how I put on my mask,
no one notices,
it was a wonder that someone would ever ask.

Little do you know how I take it off at night,
then I'm alone,
it's only the stars that are so shining bright.

Little do you know how i wake up wondering if the world will ever change,
with all the uptight people,
there is a whole world to rearrange.

I am still alive,
not considering my life to end,
because I want to survive.

It is my goal to live happy and free,
no matter how I will find out,
yet it will definitely not help that you know that I'm not that strong how I appear to be.

Maybe I'll change my mind,
I hope I will,
tough there first has to be the somebody who I still have to find.