With all these hardships that one has to go through, the thought of "Can I do this?" "Will I ever be happy?" has come through my mind.
These months more frequently as school work is pilling up as the days past and countless noises in my head that are supposed to make me happy, are actually suffocating me.
All I can do is remind myself that I've done something harder then this which comforts me to believe that I can get through it.
But at this stump I haven't done anything as hard as this. So I really don't know how to get through it.
Why am I the one that has to take charge and why do they think I automatically know what to do. Just because I'm tall and the oldest why must they catergoise me as someone who knows everything because the reality is I don't. They have to realise this for me to be able to breathe. But if I'm the one who's finally breathing someone else is drowning. I can't let that happen but what else can I do. There's no use in crying and getting angry becuase all that'll do is drain the life out of me. I need to be strong. I need someone to take charge because I can't.But I know that no one will. So what should I do?