There is a tree in a middle of a field and it is not alone. Surrounding him there is a silence. Silence so strong and still that you wish to scream just so you could hear something, but the thing is, you cant. How I know? I lived there for centuries. The story of how I ended up on such place is still a little unclear to my mind but you will have to forgive me...
There was a forest near my home. I used to watch it all the time whilst swinging in my yard in my little white dress filled with flowers. As it always goes I decided to go for a walk. After all it was just a tiny little forrest for a kid like me to explore. I found a note saying to be someone or I will become no one. Do not be scared, nothing happened ...yet.
After few years I started to hear whispers in my room. Whispers that were saying - whatever you do just dont tell them to stop. First few days I tought it was somebody outside or simply just a noise from radio or TV, but it began to be louder and louder with each day.
On the news there was announcement of an upcoming storm. I was looking forward to hearing loud thunder and rain just so I could get rest from whispers all around me.
That day I leaned on a chair and watched the rain being carried by the wind so strongly I tought the trees will fall.
Branch cracked, window opened and screams entered my room. I tried to block them by putting hands on the ears but I could not do it. Pair of white eyes stared at me from the corner of the room.

grunge, dark, and sad image

Something just stood there while I was trying to remain silent. I started to hum a song but the eyes were getting closer as my scream echoed. " Stop it, please, make it stop!" . And it did. The monster took my hand and walked me to the middle of the forest. The storm was still rising and it was throwing parts of trees everywhere. The monster looked at me and raised the hand. Ground made muddy hands and took my legs, turning me into the tree and making me silent forever. The monsters words were the last thing I heard before nothing at all- You never spoke your mind, you never made a stand so here is what you get- it is like you never existed and no one will even know you were alive, you can scream as you like but we both know how it is to be trapped in your mind.
Now my time is running , my core is rotting inside out...
so be carefull not to scream, cause maybe if you are nobody, you will end up just like me.

This story may not seem so scary as in being scared of creatures lurking in dark, but it has deeper meaning. It talks about how we are all deeply scare of ourselves and being no one. Honestly how many times you were actually scared of yourself, your thoughts, your future? and how many of a scary person under your window? The real dark is in ourselves.