hey guys! this is my first official blog post which is some useful hacks for pe/gym class. I personally hate pe class so here are a few life hacks that may or may not save your life.

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› hack #1
use a slim glasses case (a leather case is good!) to keep your makeup brushes and extra makeup in it.

› hack #2
for a more tangy taste in your water, add some fruit. the night before, cut some fruit into a water bottle and keep it in the fridge overnight and drink!

› hack #3
if you need to use perfume, an alternative to a big bottle of perfume is a roller ball perfume. they are lightweight and cheap!

› hack #4
forgotten your deodorant? a simple life hack is to use hand sanitizer! don't use it too often though

› hack #5
keep an emergency kit full of any makeup or essentials you might need. for example, keep wipes, makeup, hair spray, deodorant, etc

› hack #6
after class put tea bags into your shoes or pe bag. this keeps them smelling nice and fresh!
› hack #7
if you want to put on makeup, use mineral makeup. mineral makeup doesn't clog your pores and works better when you sweat