Autumn is a special season to me. Spring has that air, summer has holidays, and there is also winter with christmas time. What is that special in autumn? Please, don’t you say, you don’t feel it. Because, you just have to feel it. What is that exactly?

1. Leaves and colors

Look around my dear. It’s all so beautiful like it never was. Feel as child, act like a child (at least for a while)

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2. Sweather weather

Yasss, finally. I like when it’s hot outside but i love when it’s cold. Imagine, loose sweather, long socks, hot cocoa and blanket. (and maybe cat on your legs). Say no more.

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3. That vibe

You cannot fake it. As i said, you have to feel in the air, in your bones and your heart. You can just stay at home and do some DIY or read a book, or watch a movie, or go for a long walk. There is plenty of inspiration.

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4. Halloween

It makes that vibe, right? You got me, I like to make up my face and look like a Wendy Addams. Who would you choose for your costume?

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5. Autumn playlist

We all have that music which is close to our hearts and suits the weather. You want to hear what i listen while writting this? Okay, try me.

You don’t understand? No stress. Just feel it.

6. Stressed, depressed but well dressed

Okay, let me be honest with you. Sometimes on that season i get a little bit depressed. You know, overthinking. But hey, i like it anyway. And nobody need to know. So don’t forget to dress to kill girl.

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If you feel worst, talk to your friend. They are always here for you. No need to stay sad, smile girl. It looks beautiful on you.
Please note that English isn't my main language. I'm trying my best, but there still might be some mistakes. Hope you understand!