What is wrong with taking care of yourself?
We were born as humans and as humans, we do need love and respect of others and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Having fun and doing mistakes is a part of our life, we can't blame younger people for that, don’t you remember what you did when you were just an ignorant teen?
We’re not stupid for do not understand things, certains pepole just need more time to understand something than other, and it’s ok don’t you worry.
You are you, perfectly yourself, dont you dare to try to be someone else, dude you’re perfect, look at you!
Look at your past, your strong past with a strong story and look at you now, stronger than never.
And now, take a look at your future, you’re gonna do some great stuff believe me, just don’t let people bring you down and tell you that your dreams or your goals are stupid, these people know nothing about you, nothing of how strong and powerful you determination is.
We’re all just humans, don’t you get it?


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