You wake up early, because You've decided that today is a day. Everything will change. You're going to get organised, exercise, eat healthy and stay positive. You've finally decided that You're going to learn how to draw/play guitar/cook. This mood keeps You motivated till very late afternoon. You get lazy, grab a chocolate bar and turn on a TV. You promise Yourself that You'll start tommorow. Does it sound quite familiar? It does to me, because that's how looks my life day by day.

You want a big changes and You want to start big, because You don't see any other option. You eat fast foods and candies daily and You want to start super extra healthy diet the next day. The only time You run is when You're about to miss a bus but You want to run a maraton next month? Your room is a total mess, You hate cleaning, but You want to get organised within a day? What is a point of that?

I want to change my life. There were a lot of things I always wanted to do, but I've never started. Instead of losing weight and getting in shape, I gained 15kg last year. My life always been a mess. I've been repeating the same mistakes again and again. Finally, I've realised that it's never gonna work this way.

Do something every day. Do this 1% that will get You closer to Your goal. Think what You want to change in Your life and spend few minutes a day to do something productive. Slowly change Your habits, destroy the wrong ones, create a good ones. Start a day with Your favourite drink and build a good vibes.

I'm trying something new. Do You want to join me? I'll be describing the results, talk about problems, solution and inspirate You to start changing Your life. Slowly & effective. GOOD LUCK! ❤

part 2: