Oh no! I swear this alarm is seriously getting on my nerves. I open my eyes slowly and reach out for my phone, on the table, next to my bed. I switch off the alarm and scroll through my feeds. My eyes feel so heavy and I'm feeling really cold. I snuggle into my bed with the blanket covering my whole body. I get up slowly and walk to the washroom. You know, the same old routine -brush your teeth, take a bath, getting ready for school, mom yelling to eat my breakfast and finally rushing to the bus stop. Everything is so monotonous, it's as if I'm a robot.

But there is something you guys don't know about me. I'm actually a soul finder. A soul finder is someone who finds for lost souls and guide them to their rightful path. So better behave well or you'll be going to hell. I know I'm blunt but i can't help it.

Today was another normal day and I had already finished my homework. So, I set out for another soul finding adventure. Oh! another old soul! I went up to him and was going to show my ring. The ring indicates that I'm a soul finder. "So you are suppose to guide me young lady?", said the old man. "Isn't it obvious?", I said. He chuckled and I smiled. I motioned him to follow me. I took him to a gate behind the ice cream shop. Yeah! I know an ice cream shop, sounds pretty wacky.That gate was a trip to heaven or hell. The gate is exclusively for souls and no one else. Or more like no one else could enter it. I waved goodbye to the old man and was on my way to home. And then I accidentally bumped into Dylan! He is my crush ( in case you were wondering about the '!').

"Hey Dylan, how are you?", I said with a squeak. Why do I keep embarrassing myself? "So are you suppose take me there?",he said with a smirk. Huh? There? Maybe he mixed up my name with someone else.

"I want to take you somewhere", he said taking my hand. I followed him without any clue of where we're going. "Where are we going?Dylan?". I got worried. His face seemed so sad and serious. We didn't speak a word.

We stopped in front of the school building and I saw many people crowding around the school vestibule. He went towards the crowd and I followed him. We pushed our way through the crowd and I saw a body lying on the floor. It was covered in blood and it definitely looked like a suicide. The body, the shirt and the face- they all looked too familiar. I felt my eyes tearing up and I was on my knees.

"Yeah, I died",said Dylan.