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1. Glee Cheerleader: You Can Buy a White Dress and paint it!

2. Riverdale Characters: For Betty you´ll only need a shirt, a sweater,some jeans and flats, For Veronica you´ll need a burgundy or black dress, some black heels , dark lipstick , for cheryl you´ll need: a red lipstick, a plaid skirt, a red,white or black sweater and heels! and for the pussycats you´ll need some animal print dress or skirt , black crop top and of course cat ears!

dress, cape, and plaid image Betty, cast, and dress image plaid skirt, red curls, and red top image grr, archiecomics, and riverdale image

3. Unicorn

unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image unicorn, costume, and Halloween image unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

4. Taylor Swift!

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5. Princess

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