just some deep quotes/ thoughts that go through my mind usually at night. enjoy - jess

i like to think of myself as a unique person, like a rose in a garden full of dandelions, i stand out from most girls you talk to do and silly little me thought you would notice me but you didn't like different. in fact, those dandelions are your dandelions in your garden, but you decided not to notice the only rose in it. i was stupid to think i was the only flower in your garden.
- flowers can only be so pretty.

sometimes when extremely drunk the thought of you crosses my mind and i think for a quick second i should call you, i should tell you how i really feel. but that thought is only for a second because even drunk, i know you could never feel the same.
- drunk texting.

laying down on that cold flied, with our hands intertwining with the short, fresh cut grass and looking up at the stars high out of minds, he looked at me and said i wanna be the sky. we laughed for hours, we wanted to be the sky.
- smoke into heaven.

at the end of all this, im still hoping its you and me in the end
- you&me.

i saw this light inside you that i've never seen anyone before, you and i felt like a perfect match. sadly matches burn.
- ouch.

i know you don't love me, i know most people feel love isn't real, but yet i let you take advantage of me, use me for your needs. but when were doing it, i ask of you one thing. show me what those foolish people think love is.
- take me.

one thing that comes to the mind when i hear the word home, is you.
- warmth.

i once saw you in a dream, you were so sweet, kind and caring. i fell in love with the dream you. then i woke up.
- dream on.

I once felt like we had to meant to be, like there was no other person in this world meant for me besides you. I sometimes still feel this way, i feel like you might feel this way sometimes too. but the past is the past, our hearts have been hurt, we would have been perfect, if we had just met earlier or maybe later. I hope we can redue this chances at least, in another lifetime
- see you soon, my love.