Two lost souls

She had been the favourite daughter of Ramesses II; a Greek philosopher devoted to the study of nature and the universe; an humble baker who watched over the homeless; a Spanish aristocrat who disappeared in the South seas; a beautiful courtesan who wanted to change her life; a heroine who saved thousands of lives during the Second world war.

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He had been a brave soldier of the Egyptian Royal Guard; a young politician who advocated democracy and culture; an astute archer who fought against the tyranny of the English King; a vulgar pirate known for his gallantry and good fortune; and a wealthy nobleman who frequented the underworld of Paris; an inexperienced doctor who yearned for peace.

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Both were found, in love and tragically separated reincarnation after reincarnation without able to retain memories of their past lives.

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However, this time was different.

In their current lives, a sense of loss beyond accompanied them to where were, reminding them constantly that lacked a piece that had been forgotten.

Any given day two complete unknown... crossed... Two strangers who knew each other very well.

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