Hi guys and welcome to my first ever article. Being a big fan of makeup for years, I found normal to base my first article above. So after, thinking about it, I decided to start with a rosy makeup routine, so let's start !


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This is the Foundation primer oil free by Laura Mercier, you can found it on Laura Mercier's web site or in Sephora ( 39€/38$US )

Foundation is key for a good makeup, you don't want your skin looks bad if the rest is beautiful. And before a good foundation, we need a good primer. This one is Oil free so really good for oily skin but the same brand got some for dry/normal skin. Don't be afraid to put primer all over your face, it's important to protect your skin of makeup and it will give you a softer skin.

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This is the Foundation by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. You can find in at Sephora ( 33€/34$US )

This is for me one of the best foundation ever for such a low price for the amazing quality. It's really easy to found you skin complexion because of the large choice ( Mine is 110, yes I'm very fair ). It's good for every skin type and give a matte finish, that give you the kind of doll's skin. It's longwearing, his light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin.

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This is for me the best concealer ever, and it's such a low price. This is by Sephora, so really easy to find ( 13,95 €/$14.00 )

This has been my number 1 concealer so far for a long time, it's such an amazing quality with a price which isn't that high, and God knows how much makeup is expensive when it comes to quality. I only put it under my eyes, and not that much because it's such high coverage, and we want to be natural as much as possible.

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This is the sephora's Translucent Powder (6,95€)

This is my favorite powder, I searched for translucent powder for months but they were all super expensive until I found this one, and that's a match. You just need to set your under eyes if you use the Fenty Beauty foundation because of its matte finish. But I, unfortunately found it only in the French website, but you can found the Translucent Setting Powder from Sephora, more expensive, at 16$.


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The Nars Blush Orgasm (33,95€/$30.00 ) and the Mini Hoola Bronzer from Benefit (17,00€/ $15.00)

I wanted the Hoola Bronzer for years but I only got it this summer and I can say I'm in love, it's perfect for a little bronzy cheeks, if you want contouring it's not the good one, and the fact that it's matte is such amazing. I got the Nars Blush Orgasm during summer too, I was really disappointed at first because I thought ( and still do ) that it's not as much pigmented as I thought it would be, but it's lovely for a pinkish touch on your cheeks and the shimmery touch is such adorable.

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This is the Moonchild Glow Kit by Anastasia BeverlyHills (€47.30/$40)and the Cpop Highlighter by Becca (38€/38$)

I found this two highlighters amazing. It's such really expensive brand, so if you can't pay that much, you can find dupe at NYX, for good quality. In the Moonchild Glow Kit, you should go for the Pinkheart one, it's an amazing pink color but still really light.


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This si the brow definer by Anastasia BerverlyHills (26,95€/23$) and the mini Gimme Brow by Benefit (14,50€/12$)

The brow definer by ABH is my go to for brows, I found it really natural and simple to apply even if more and more I use the DeepBrow The Gimme Brow by Benefit is the only thing that I have ever use to fix my eyebrow, so if you got better, see me in touch. I'm thinking about trying the one from NYX


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Too Faced ShadowInsurance (19€/20$) and Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay (49,95€/$54.00)

So this is the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay and my favorite palette ever for pinkish but nude looks but before putting eyeshadows, I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over my lid. For this look, we will start with Strange all over my lid before putting Nooner in the crease and blending it. Then I put Dust on the outer corner of my eyes. You can't put Nooner on the eyelid of your eyes.

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Mascara by Miss W (17,90 €)

Put it on your lashes if you prefer fake lashes try some natural and classic one. I think this mascara is only available in France but you can use other mascara from other brand ( Better than sex mascara use to be my number one)


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Dior It pink lipgloss (34,95€/$35.00) and the NYX Lipgloss Peanut Brittle (6,90 €/$6.50)

So this is two different lipgloss for two style. The first one is a Dior, it looks really pink at first but I swear it's a high pink who give a little glossy look but it doesn't feel like gloss on your lips. The second is a NYX lipgloss and is such a light bronzy color who give you a classy and really nice look if you want something less casual.

_So this was my first ever article I hope you like it. I will be better after some articles I guess. For my next article you will learn more about it and about my future articles. If you have request DM me
_Xoxo, Lottientia