Hi! Everybody carries a bag from time to time, some people carries one everyday and everywhere, while others rarly carries one. I for example carries a school bag everyday, because I'm a student. But as a student I know that we need some things more often than other things. So this article is about the things you need should have in your bag.

Charger / Powerbank

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It's nice to have something to charge your phone with if you use your phone a lot, during a long day of school or work.

Headset / Headphones

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I love having my headphones with me everywhere so I can listen to my favorite music where ever I go. I'm also that kind of person that studies best while I listen to music. I memorize things better, and it makes me consentrate more, since the "outside world" is not distracting me, while I'm listening to music.

A small notebook and a pen

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Having a little notebook and a pen, makes it eaze for me to write anything on my mind down, so I don't forget.

Chewing gum or pastiles

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Always prepared for a refresment after a cup off coffee or lunsj, or when ever you feel for something sweet.

Parfume / deoderant

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Always nice to have a parfume in the bag, so you can smell good all the time.

Lip balm and Hand cream

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to always keep both your lips and hands moisturized through the day.

Wet wipes / Antibac and Band aids

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Dirty hands or a paper cut? You have everything you need.

Mini makeup bag

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Everything you need of make up, and it's smart to put a small mirror in it too!


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It's smart to have a pair of sunglasess in your bag, during spring and summer.


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It nice to have a warm pair of gloves during fall and winter, in case you forget them at home, or if it suddenly turns cold.

Well, I hope this article helped you to get some ideas on what maybe is important / nice to have in your bag. If you think that i have missed something out, please send me a postcard, and I will change it up quikly.

At last, I want to give credit for every original hearter of the images I have used in this article!

Love, Maida