This things are not necessarily material things, they can be spiritual or just things that happen on you'r day to day; the thing is that we all have things that are so important to us that we know that without them we wouldn't be breaving. I saws and article about this the other day and though about doing one my self. I didn't know it was going to be this difficult.

The Beach

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All though I do prefer winter, being cold and putting layers and layers of clothe; I could not live without the beach, how the waves come and go, how the sun touches you'r skin and specially the memories you make there.

Friends & Family

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This are people I could never live without, they are so special to me. My sister is my best friend and my parents are basically the ones that thought me everything. My friends are the family I choose and I would be lost without them.

Books & Movies / TV shows

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There is nothing better than just chilling and watching a movie or better than that reading, when you read you are putting your imagination to the fullest and movies are just incredible, I love all of this.


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If you don't listen to music, men you are not living. I don't love concerts because in the country I live it is always all disorganise and the people just jump to see the artist instead of just enjoying the music, but they are still amazing. I don't let anybody look at my playlist, music is very personal to me and if I let you listen to my music it's because I trust you.


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The feeling I get when I'm on the top of it are inexplicable, I can see everything from up there and it all looks so pointless.


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I want to study psychology, and I love listening to people and being able to help them. I believe that the best contestations happen at night, I spend every new year's eve with my best friends and we love talking about the things that had happened throughout the year, it's like getting to know us again.


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I have a schnauzer and a rescued dog, I can't believe my live without my pets.


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I trie to write everything down, from memories to thought that I randomly have. My journal has all my secrets

Clothe / Fashion

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I believe that the way you dress is the way you feel.


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I'm a catholic and although I don't agree with some things the church says I still have faith and believe that with God everything is possible

XX love you guys