What do you know? You are just a girl.

Hello, it's me. Finally i can write.
So i will write about something that made me so angry and powerless.

The other day my friend broke up with her boyfriend and it was an toxic relationship. So we met with him and his friend the same day to tell him again it is over cause he was calling her and texting her non stop. She was trying to tell him that it is over but he was saying that he love her and the most stupid thing he said that it doesn't matter if she doesn't love him cause he love her and that means that they should be together. I was like are you fucking kidding with me. I said that she has a right to be or not to be with someone and that she has a right to broke up with someone if she is not happy. He and his friend told me that is better for me to shut up or i will be forever alone and that i don't know what i am saying and that it doesn't matter cause i am just a girl. I was speechless. I couldn't believe that i was good with his friend. They were constant telling me that i am stupid and that who am i to stand up to my friend cause i am single and cause i am single so long i got crazy. I didn't know should i be crying or laughing cause they were so sad. I will not go in the details cause it's just sad and it didn't go well.

The main reason i wrote about this cause it was my first real contact with shaming girls. It is just so sad that there are boys who think that only cause i am girl that my words and my opinion doesn't matter or what is better that if i have opinion that i will stay forever alone. I didn't get hurt cause i know who i am and i know my rights. I am proud to be a girl. Cause we are capable of everything we want. We are not weak. We are strong. Remember that.

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