You see, the world we live in today is so shallow it hurts.
Everything is about how it all looks from the outside, and isn't that just wrong? Humans have brains and a heart, an entire body filled with emotions and a soul - but today's world only want to focus on the outside.

A lot of people that live this shallow life think's everyone else is "weird". They don't understand how someone could dislike what they claim to love. They don't understand that someone chose themselves instead of them, because in their world; there are no own opinions. Everything they think is something they have seen someone else write on snapchat - and not always because they dont know better, but because they dont have the guts to go their own way.
Is that who you want to be though? - A mean person who thinks it's cool to hate on other people, someone who just follows the stream and do what others do.

LISTEN - your grades don't define how smart you are. The amount of followers you have on instagram don't define your worth, and people's opinions don't define you.
If your opinion is different; don't hide it. If you are different; dont change yourself to fit in, but help others see that we can change this shallow world into something better.

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Love, Tyra - remember, I'm always here to talk <3