From Hisham who said: Hafsah bint Sireen used to ask for Allaah's mercy upon her son Huthayal and say: He would go and get reed and stalks to make a fire, he would peel them and gather them in the summer time, so when it is lit it would not produce smoke. When it came to winter time he would come and sit behind me while I prayed and he would light a small fire so that I could feel the warmth from it and so that the smoke from it would not bother me. I used to say to him O my son it is night time go to your wife and he would say: 'O mother I know what you want.'

She continued: 'If I did not continue saying it to him perhaps he would be there till the morning time!'

[Collected in 'al-Birr' by Ibn al-Jawzi p.53, taken from 'Akhbar as-Salaf' p. 270] -