So these are my top 10 OTPs. They are in no particular order, it's just the order in which I typed them out.
(MOLLIE IS A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1. Niles and Daphne from Fraiser

tv, tv shows, and couple goals image frasier and jane leeves image

2. Maddy and Olly from Everything Everything

Mature image couple, olly, and everything everything image couple, happy, and library image gif, everything everything, and nick robinson image
These two are just as perfect in the movie as they were in the book and that's why I love them so much!

3. Clay and Tony from Thirteen Reasons Why (type in "I was your light" on youtube and click the clony video, it's beautiful)

Image by Vio
Okay, I like Clay with Hannah, I ship Clay with Hannah and I think they are cute together...but these two OMG give me the feels and are my OTP. Hannah...she's dead. IM SORRY PLEASE PUT DOWN THE PITCHFORKS

4. Nine and Rose from Doctor Who

billie piper, gif, and nine image billie piper, gif, and nine image
These two are the best couple in doctor who. #Dontskipnine

5. Jughead and Betty from Riverdale

riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image Mature image riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image kiss, archie andrews, and bughead image
BUGHEAD (that kiss gif...that kiss is the best in the whole show so far) If they don't survive season two I will jump out of the nearest window

6. Sherlock and John from Sherlock

kiss, sherlock, and benedict cumberbatch image

7: Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter (the books not movie)

harry potter, ginny weasley, and quidditch image Image removed
I love these two in the books. In the movie there is zero chemistry, zero plot to their relationship and yeah...the movies are amazing but Harry Potter is a fandom where the books are better than the films.

8: Bond and Q from Skyfall and Spectre

ben whishaw, Q, and 00q image
Just admit it, Q is gorgeous.

9: George Boleyn and Mark Smeaton from The Tudors

actor, celebrity, and historical image The Tudors image
There were no pictures of them together, and none of George on his own...but these two. At least they..died together and went to live happily ever after in the afterlife...(THEY SHOULD'VE LIVED AND HAD A HAPPY ENDING FFS)

10: Victoria and Melbourne from Victoria

couple, gif, and rufus sewell image
The ship that collapsed and shouldn't have collapsed cause it was perfect...WHY HISTORY WHY

Also, I ship The following gorgeous people with myself (NERDDDD)

ben whishaw image actor, Hot, and james image christian navarro image cole sprouse, riverdale, and boy image
okay so this one was a slight joke cause I have 9 otps...but seriously these guys are babes. Also Erold (Erold Story on Youtube) but no one posted any pictures of him on WHI.

So that was my ten otps! Thanks for reading!
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13 reasons why, netflix, and 13rw image
Ryan is my spirit animal. LOVE THIS SCENE