#Day11 of my #20Days Get to know me challenge.
This letter is what I wish I could say to my 16 years old self...

Dear you, Dear me,

You're now 16 years old, what a beautifully awful age !
How you've grown, yet you're still a child. Just keep one thing in mind,

you are young, you are allowed to have fun and be free,

because when you'll look back you will tell yourself '' what if ? '' and trust me, it isn't the best feeling in the world...
I know that you're wondering and thinking about Max, well don't worry, after 4 years of complicated friendship mixed with other feelings, he's still in your life, and I'm pretty sure he'll stay for a while longer. Actually, in a few years, you'll consider him to be more like a best friend... Good news, right ?

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I need to tell you something that I feel you should know.... Sometimes, people you care so much about leave... It will hurt, badly, but the world won't stop, you're going to find friends you never expected to meet, and that will make you happy, trust me on that.

I know you don't feel your worth, and that's normal, because ...

you're not on your path, you're still trying to figure out who you are, but you know what ? You're young and everybody goes through that... So take of yourself, you deserve it...
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Oh and by the way, your 2nd year of University will be your year of recovery, the year you will lose important things, but the year you'll find so many other beautiful things, especially yourself...
In other words, you'll lose weight, you will finally start to accept and love your reflection and you'll be working on your dream ( you know what I'm talking about)

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Please, believe that you are loved, and that you can love yourself too.. At least believe that I'm saying that because I know more things than you do...

With all my love,

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