Hi Guys
This article is a lookbook for spring and autumn. The reason I've put the two together is because spring and autumn is happening at the same time right now just in different places.


1.1 Floral Dresses

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Floral dresses are my new favourite thing. They are so easy to just throw on and are absolutely stunning.

1.2 Accessories

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Flower crowns and dainty necklaces are easy pieces to pair with floral dresses that amplify the spring vibe.

1.3 Shoes

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Gladiators are my favourite to pair with spring dresses. They're not always the most comfortable but they look stunning.

2.1 Camisoles

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Camisoles are extremely flattering and comfortable. They're easy to dress up or dress down. A definite essential to keep your closet.

2.2 Pants/Jeans

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Camisoles are easiest to pair with fitted jeans or dress pants.

2.3 Shoes

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Heels gives this casual look a bit of an edge and some class.

2.4 Accessories

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Chokers look the best with camisoles. They're dainty and very flattering.


1.1 Knitwear

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Autumn is all about being cosy and warm and a jersey(jumper) brings you that exact level of comfort.

1.2 Denim Jeans

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Whether they're mom jeans or skinnies, they are the easiest to pair with a jersey.

1.3 Sneakers

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When it comes to sneakers, make sure they're comfortable. There's nothing worse than going through your day with sore feet.

2.1 Earthy Toned Tops

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Earthy tones really amplify the autumn feel. Neutral colours are easy to work with and are flattering on most people.

2.2 Cardigans

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Cardigans are like blankets you can wear out in public. Nothing's better than that.

2.3 Sweatpants

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Sweatpants have seriously come a long way in the fashion industry. They are so comfy yet very stylish.

2.4 Shoes

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The main objective here is comfort. Fury slides are so soft and broken in Vans can never do you wrong.

Thank you all so much for reading my article. I hope you all enjoyed it. I know we all have our own style preferences. This article was all just based on my opinion and preferences.
Have a great day.