Chapter 2- The meeting
The man entered into the cafe and walked into my direction. There were that eyes again. Dead green eyes with no expression. He was staring at me like if I was something out of this world. He sat in front of without asking for permission,in fact, he didn't say anything at all.We were staring at each other again. We weren't properly strangers,I mean we crashed with each other, I give him his hat, he beat me with the damn umbrella, and we stare to each other,,so...
I decided to start a conversation. " Have you seen the weather today? It's raining so hard hã?". He didn't answer me. " Sorry about that thing, crash over you. This kids are always in a hurry." Nothing. I ordered another coffee." Would you like a cup of coffee?". This time something happened. He didn't answer me but he hit me with his umbrella again." Hey! What are you dong? Did I do something wrong?". Once again he didn't answer me. " Ok, I don't know why you're hitting me with your umbrella but I want you to stop!". Nothing. It didn't really hurt but was really uncomfortable and weird. It passed 5 minutes and he was still hitting me. By that time I was really pissed off." STOP IT!" He stopped. He looked at me for 4 seconds.He started hitting me again. I scream and left the cafe. I was thinking about that strange man while I was going home.I heard steps behind me." Please no..." I said to my self. I turned around and" Oh Jesus Christ! Why are you following me! Go away!" I said to the man. I didn't know why he was following me but I didn't even wanted to ask. I stepped close and surprise... he started to hit me with the damn umbrella. " Seriously? Why? Why me?". He didn't answer me. What a surprise. He was fricking me out and started to run. Guess what the man did. He started running too. He was really athletic, he was running by my side while hitting me with the umbrella. I was starting to getting tired so I stopped running.He did the same thing.I told him I was going to call the police. He didn't react.
Finally. Home sweet home. I opened the gate and tried to close it the fast I could but he was too fast. "You're probably just having a bad day or you don't have good communication skills, so you wanna come over?" . Guess what? He didn't answer. " I will assume it as a yes". I opened te door and he came right behind me still hitting me with the umbrella.
End if chapter 2