Hello and welcome to another article!
In this article I will give you a insight on my daily school life with the things I do in a normal school day.

Waking up

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Right when I wake up I smile and say to myself "Today is going to be a good day". I mentally list the things I'm grateful for. Doing this sets me in a good mood for the day and really helps me staying positive.

Put on music

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Another thing that puts me in a good mood for the day is listening to music I like in the morning.

Bathroom stuff // Shower

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I then brush my teeth, have a shower and do all that bathroom stuff.


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I put on my outfit for the day. My outfits for school are usually a sweater or a sports jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers.

Make Up

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My go for makeup look that I wear for school is a very natural and simple look that only takes me about 15-20 minutes or less! I made an article about it, if you wanna check it out.


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My breakfast normally includes creals/muesli, fruit and yoghurt and I also usually include some sweet like croissants or cookies because the morning is the best time to have sweets!


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After all that, I go to school. I'm in my last year of high school and I usually have 2 or 3 lessons per day. I go to my classes and hang with my friends at the breaks.

Lunch time

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Although I don't have classes after lunch, I have lunch at school with friends or my siblings.

Going home

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School is over and I'm back home! At home I do a lot of stuff: play with my cats, do some cleaning, play guitar, check if I have homework, write, read, listen to music, go on WHI... I have many ways to enjoy my time back home!

And this is my school day routine! I'm sure many others have similar routines...The important is that you live the best you can and make your days the best they can be, even if they are simple school days.

Thank you for reading.

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)

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