Waking up in the morning is quite hard, but, still, we can make it a good day, simply by doing some stuff that can make starting our day not such an annoying thing.


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Many researchers and physiologists suggest that we all stretch as soon as we wake up. According to Amy Cuddy, a Harvard psychologist, stretching in the morning, as wide as possible, can improve your mood and may even make you "annoyingly happy", as she said. Stretching improves your body's flexibiliy, circulation and relieves stress.

Make your bed

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I know this one sounds simple, unimportant and probably even stupid. But this is actually one of the most important things to do in the morning. You may have hated it when your mum used to tell you to make your bed and you may have tried skipping it as many times as possible but, oh well, I guess you shouldn't. In fact this puts you in a motivational mode, just by seeing your bed all made and pretty. (Note: you can even put nice little pillows on your bed to make it look cuter)

Drink water

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So, drinking a glass or a bottle of water in the morning, before you have had your breakfast yet, actually helps your metabolism and your skin. This one is not something that could put you in a great mood, but knowing that you did something good for your body, could.

Put some music on

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Okay, who doesn't love music? Just put on your favorite songs and dance and sing around to them during your morning routine.

Open the windows

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Let the frsh air come in the room. Enjoy today. Feel the air on your face, in your lungs. Just breathe.

Wash off

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Take a shower, wash your face. Cleanse yourself from last night and let the new day begin, fresh and clean.

Have a good breakfast

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That means having a cup of coffee and croissants, or a glass of orange juice and pancakes. It doesn't really matter what you have for breakfast as long as it is something healthy (or not too unhealthy lol) that you like and makes you happy.

Get and feel pretty

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That includes putting on clothes that you like (it actually helps if you have decided which ones you're going to wear, the night before), putting makeup on (if that makes you feel good), and even a little bit of perfume *wink wink*.

Decide every morning that you're happy

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Happiness is a choice and you have to make it. Happines is life and you were given the chance to live it.

P.s. Do whatever puts a big smile on that cute face of yours, honey!
@5secondsofmyinfinity xx