He is the only one that I love like this. The first man and this is the best thing ever, I just can’t get better. Because this man is the best person in the world, he’s patient, beautiful inside and outside, intelligent, incredible and so funny. He makes me laugh, smile and whatever he says or do I always be there with him. Because I cannot imagine my place anywhere but beside him.
And I cannot understand how some people can’t see the man that I can see, cause to me he is just THE best who succeeds in illuminating all the sobriety that this world can show us.
And every time I see him, I feeling all the love for him and I see all the qualities he has. Just qualities because even the defaults that he has, seems like his qualities all of them make himself.
I think, no I’m sure. The thing that I prefer is his smile.
His smile is just all the hope possible gathered in one thing. It’s the only thing that makes me feel very and truly happy. And god know how it’s become hard to be happy for me.

Even if some times I don’t think about him I can’t forget all my love for him. And every time he talks about his life, about him I’m feeling so concerned.

So yes. I’m sorry if I don’t even need to see him for being sure about my feelings. His eyes are enough for me. And I don’t have to prove my love but you know some time when your feelings are too powerful, when your feelings make you beat your heart so as crack it a little every day so you need to talk about it. You need to tell about the magic inside your heart. You have to. Because you cannot talk about it to the man concerned so you just write it. Again and again. Years after years. It’s the same shit.