Eating the correct foods before and after training will help greatly to achieve your goals. Eating well helps with burning fat, building lean muscle and speeding up recovery as well as keeping the body energised.

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The best pre-workout bite contains some form of complex carbohydrate and a protein. Here are some of my favorite meals and snacks to keep me energized during my workout:

1.Whole wheat toast with sliced banana and peanut butter-
Carbs are your gym BFF! Whole-wheat toast with fruit gives you both types of carbs with the bonus of being super easy to digest.

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2. Greek Yogurt and Trail mix-
It's easy on your stomach and when paired with trail mix can give you the little rev your body needs.

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3. Apple Wedges with peanut butter-
If you're in a rush, skip the extras and just grab an apple with PB. You'll avoid a sugar crash mid-lunge while stocking up on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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Post-workout nutrition is just as important as pre-workout nutrition! Here are my three favorite meals!

1.Veggie Omelet -
We already know eggs are a great source of protein and help aid in muscle recovery and growth. I switch it up from the usual scramble and make a veggie-packed omelet.

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2. A Salad or veggie bowl-
I need to have a proper meal after workout, but not too heavy. A salad is always a good idea! It is important to get protein, carbohydrates, fats, and veggies,so i simply add to my salad some rice,couscous or sweet potatoe and also boiled egg.

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3. Whole Wheat chicken or Tuna, avocado and spinach sandwich-
White chicken meat or Tuna is low in calories, but high in protein,avocado is a better for you spread over mayo or mustard and spinach is a produce powerhouse, handling everything from curbing your appetite to boosting your complexion and lowering blood pressure and inflammation.

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Water! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during and after your workout. Your body will be losing water during training so you MUST re-hydrate to keep performing at your best.

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