Here are some of the reasons why I love and support these boys Ethan and Grayson Dolan, known as the Dolan twins. People always judge them for their looks and think that's why they are so popular, and it's not. (Maybe partly but on a whole not).

They show so much love towards their fans

Ethan and Grayson are so loving to their fanbase. They always come up with cool projects that are mostly involving their fans. Ethan and Grayson had a tour in 2016 which was called 4ou (for only you) as in for the fans! The fans got the opportunity to meet them and take a picture! Any pose! Whatever the fan wanted! They always mention in their YouTube videos how much they love and appreciate their fanbase. Ethan and Grayson also tweet about it too! They are very open with their viewers about their feeling and mental health.

They are so kind and affectionate

Ethan and Grayson have two of the most beautiful souls on this planet. They treat everyone equally no matter their race,religion, appearance etc. etc.
They don't tolerate anti-LGBTQ+ or racism. They spread so much positivity to their viewers. They promote happiness, how important it is to be happy and how important it is to be yourself and not worry what others think.

They are hilarious and being me so much joy

The Dolan twins have the funniest YouTube content. I feel all sorts of emotions watching their videos; cringe, happy, in hysterics, sympathy etc.
They both have such beautiful personalities and it shines right through their videos. Ethan is always cracking the most random phrases and jokes. Grayson is joining Ethan in joking and adding more jokes yet, trying to get Ethan to focus and back on the subject! They show that life doesn't need to be taken serious most of the time and how having positive people around reflects onto yourself. When I am feeling down I know where to go!

They inspire me daily

Ethan and Grayson have a great philosophy on life; to do everything with kindness and a good heart, don't take everything seriously, focus on the present, let go of negative people, be yourself and don't worry about others and don't worry about things that won't affect your life in years to come.

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