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Money, particularly other people’s money continues to be a focus at this time. You may have more dealings with lending institutions, the tax department or may be in negotiations regarding inheritances or insurance claims. It’s also possible that you are the recipient of gifts or money via your partner. Work and your relationship with your partner may still be causing a few headaches for some at this time. Discussions late in the week should help to clear the air somewhat.


Relationships are very much your focus this week and for the next month. Those that are not attached at this time may find that a friend or group is instrumental in introducing them to someone with significant potential. Midweek is a great time to discuss plans and ideas with your partner, either romantic or business. There may be a tense interaction with a co-worker near the end of the week.


Your health and daily routines become a larger part of your focus at this time. It is also possible that your will be putting in more hours at your job and if so, early in the week is a great time to tap into your creative side as it will be on point at this time. Fun is still very much on your agenda at this time, but a romance may become a little more intense near the end of the week.


Let the good times roll! This is likely to be a fun and social time for you. Those trying to obtain exposure for creative projects are likely to do well at this time. Likewise, those involved in sporting contest are likely to do well at this time too. The only real fly in the ointment may be a bit of a spat between a partner in relation to your home or family. Late in the week is likely to see you discussing matters more in depth with your partner.


Your home and family are where your focus is at this time and for the next month. It is likely to be quite an idyllic time for you and your family, and you are likely to gain much joy from them and your home at this time. You may be looking to borrow funds to expand or improve on your home at this time. Interactions with those that you work with may have their tense moments, particularly in the later part of the week.


This is likely to be a busy month for you, with lots of running around and catching up with those in your local area. It is possible that you take on some major event in your local neighborhood that brings you some degree of success. Children may be pushing your buttons at this time, particularly in relation to money or possessions. Alternatively, it may be a hobby or passion project that has you in a quandary regarding money.


Money and your possessions are very much on your mind at this time and will continue to do so over the next month. For some, there may be a very pleasant surprise in relation to finances in store early this week. For others, an increase in feelings of self-worth is likely to be just as valuable. You have more energy and charm at this time and are eager to get out and achieve your aims. This may cause some tension with family near the end of the week.


This is your time to shine, and you are likely to do so over the next month. Early in the week may bring an opportunity to be recognised and celebrated for who and what you are. You may need to watch how you communicate with others at this time, as you may sound harsher than you mean to be and conveying beliefs rather than reality.


This is a time of year when you likely want to take a bit of a break from the hurly burly of life. Early in the week may have you doing a lot of thinking about your past and how you came to be where you are today. You are likely to be spending some of your time with friends and networking with groups that you belong to. It is in these areas that you may encounter an intense situation, possibly in relation to money.


This is likely to be a very social time for you and will continue to do so for the next month. It is likely that a friend may be the catalyst for something that you have been wrestling with in some form. Career continues to be important to you at this time, although there may be a growing sense that you need to be able to be more authentically yourself at this time.


Career really comes into focus for you at this time and over the next month. You may have some excellent insights about how to make more money at this time. The likelihood of receiving some recognition and/or feeling positive about your career is likely early in the week. Many will just want to be somewhere else at this time though, and those that are, may find themselves involved in a holiday romance.


Foreign shores and overseas ventures attract your attention at this time and may turn out quite profitable for you in some way. Those that are studying at this time are likely to do well early in the week, as are those involved with publishing, religion or the law. Issues related to sharing resources and finances are also likely to be much to the forefront at this time, and you may find yourself in a tense standoff with a friend regarding these issues sometime early in the week.