There aren't a lot of customers that come in with their lip bruised, hoodie up, hands decorated with bruising knuckles and acrylic paint. So to say that Jimin noticed the boy many times throughout the week, it wouldn't be because he's interested, which, yes, he's good looking and what not, but mostly just curiosity. Who was this boy? How old was he? How did he get those bruises?

His best friend, Taehyung, calls him an angel. Taehyung's boyfriend, Namjoon, calls him a fairy. His roommate, Yoongi, calls him a garden angel fairy. Jimin thinks of himself as a...gardener with a flower shop.

So, subconsciously living up to his nicknames, the garden angel fairy walks over to the boy, sketchpad resting on his knee as he looks at the daffodils.

"They're pretty, aren't they?" Jimin smiles at the boy, who gets startled and falls back, dropping the sketch pad. Jimin quickly picks it up, along with the pencil. "I'm so sorry."

"It—it's fine," the boy nodded politely as he grabbed the sketch pad. "I get into drawing and my surroundings just mesh."

Jimin smiled. "Mesh? I like that word."

The boy nodded, holding out his hand, which Jimin looked down at, about to shake it when he retracted it. "Sorry, I have paint on it," he held out his other hand. "And this one does too. Okay, hi, I'm Jungkook."

Jimin giggled, hand over his mouth as he did. "Nice to meet you," Jimin grabbed Jungkook's hand, shaking it. "Park Jimin, nice to meet you. And I'm a gardener, Jungkook, I don't mind getting dirty."

They both blushed, hands falling to their sides. Jimin cleared his throat, warmth spreading to his neck. He looked around, licking his lips nervously. "Uh," he pointed to the flowers. "You were sketching them?"

Jungkook nodded, dropping the sweater hood, putting his pencil behind his ear. Jimin couldn't help but smile at him, his hair was messy but somewhat looked soft and curly.

"I was, if that's okay. I know you kicked out the guy from last week out for loitering." Jungkook looked at Jimin. "I'll stop coming here if you want me too."

Jimin nodded, looking away from Jungkook's eye, feeling even more warm from staring too long. "I didn't kick him out because of that," Jimin shrugged. "He was making passes at me and I just got sick of it."

"Are you okay?" Jungkook asked, tilting his head slightly. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Jimin shook his head, noticing there was a customer waiting for him. "You can stay all you want," Jimin put a hand on Jungkook's forearm. "Okay?"

Jungkook nodded at him and Jimin walked back to the cashier, smiling at the customer, who wanted a delivery made. Jimin glanced over at Jungkook, who went back to sketching.

Maybe it was his imagination flattering himself but Jimin was sure he saw Jungkook glancing over at him from time to time.

❀ //

"Bruises, Yoongi," Jimin turned off the microwave, laughing. "Not douches."

Yoongi laughed with him, handing Jimin the plate. Jimin took it, slowly taking the bowl of rice out. He grabbed the fork Yoongi handed him and slowly transferred the rice onto the plate.

"Nothing like reheated food, am I right?" Yoongi quipped, making Jimin smile.

"We'd be having a feast if someone hadn't broken Seokjin's heart," Jimin stuck his tongue out at Yoongi.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, stirring the leftover beef. "Shut up," he mumbled. "Sorry for saving myself the heartbreak."

Jimin hummed, grabbing a second plate and transferring the rest of the rice onto the second plate.

"I know," Jimin put the plates next to the stove. "But you don't know what can happen, he hasn't taken a decision yet."

"Jimin, I love you, you know that right?"

"Why do I feel like I'm going to get a sermon?"

Yoongi chuckled, Jimin didn't miss the way he slyly tried to wipe away a tear. "I just," he started. "I'm not going to stay with someone who has to think about this."

Jimin ran to hug Yoongi, hugging him tightly. "At least you get to stay with me." He smiled when Yoongi laughed. "We can go to the theatre and throw our leftover popcorn at people from the roof."

Yoongi laughed again, shaking his head. "You're obnoxiously adorable," he shook his head. "Fine, fine. After dinner, we can go."

❀ //

Jimin hummed, watching the popcorn slowly fall to the ground. "I talked to the boy, well, looking at him now, he's more of a man."

Yoongi chuckled, putting his elbow on the rail and resting his chin on his palm, looking out at the city. "Anything interesting?"

"He's really hot," Jimin chuckled. "But he's been drawing the flowers, which isn't surprising, Taehyung comes to do that too."

"So what's interesting about him?"

"The knuckles," Jimin shrugged. "I'm worried about him, he looked like he hadn't slept in days, bags under his eyes."

Yoongi snorted. "So every university student?"

"You think he's a uni student?"

"Maybe," Yoongi shrugged, looking over at Jimin. "Is he single?"

Jimin blushed, looking away from Yoongi's cheeky gaze. "I didn't ask."


❀ //

Jimin slowly wrapped the orange bow around the vase, tying a bow to the front. He stepped back, admiring his work.


Jimin turned, smiling at Jungkook, who was taking off his backpack. It's been two week since they introduced themselves and they've had small talks since. Whenever Jimin isn't busy, he'd bring a chair over to Jungkook and talk to him.

He learned that Jungkook was, much to Yoongi's original hypothesis, a student. An art student. He learned that Jungkook had an older brother back in Busan, which is where Jimin was born too. He had a dog which he rarely saw, lived with his friends in a small apartment near the school and that he was undoubtedly, annoyingly good at everything.

"Did you bring it?" Jimin put the vase next to the other ones, all had a different color and pattern bow tied around them.

"Obviously," Jungkook walked over to Jimin, holding out his fists. Jimin bit his lip, stopping himself from frowning.

In those two weeks, Jungkook had stopped coming back with bruises. Today, the first day since, he could see small bruises on his knuckles.

"Pick a hand," Jungkook said, oblivious to Jimin's concern. "Any hand."

Jimin looked up at him, noticing a bruise on his neck. Maybe Jimin was worrying about the wrong thing, maybe he was just…

"Left," Jimin poked his left fist. Jungkook smiled at him, making Jimin give him a strange look. "What?"

Jungkook hid his fists behind his back, smile turning into his playful smirk. "You sure?"

"Kookie!" Jimin whined, knowing Jungkook hated the nickname. "Just give it to me."

"You're such a brat," Jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "Pick another hand or stick with it?"

Jimin sighed, "left. I stick with my original one. Left."

Jungkook sighed, shrugging. "It's your life."

"Wait," Jimin bit his lip. "I want to change."

"You sure?"


Jungkook sighed, nodding. "Okay."

Jimin watched as he put out his right fist, holding it in front of Jimin. "Open."

"If there's nothing there," Jimin opened Jungkook's hand, one finger by one, slowly peeling them away. He could feel his cheeks warm up, hating how nervous he felt. "What's this?"

Jungkook laughed. "What does it look like, Park?" Jimin glared at him, probably his revenge for calling him 'Kookie' earlier. "It's a donut."

Jimin glared at him. "Don't be sarcastic, jerk," he chuckled, taking out the mini origami rose. "A rose?"

"Cute, isn't it? Jungkook chuckled. "I made some for a grade and brought you one, since I made plenty."

"You didn't have to bring me some," laughed Jimin, twirling the flower in his hand. "It's cute, I like it. Thank you."

Jungkook chuckled, nodding. He went over to his backpack, taking out his sketchbook. Jimin went behind his counter, squatting down to take out his handbag. He slowly put the flower in a pocket, making sure to put it somewhere it won't get smashed.

"So, I was thinking," Jungkook slapped the notebook on the counter. Jimin popped up, sliding the sketchbook around to his direction. "You can braid some colors together and make it a bow?"

Jimin hummed. "The bows are sort of thick, though. It'll weigh and bruise the flowers down."

Jungkook hummed, slipping the page, mumbling something about Jimin being picky. Jimin smiled, looking up to look at the student.

"Maybe we could make small stands to make transferring the bouquets more easily?" Jungkook pointed to the sketch. "Sort of like those drinks carriers?"

Jimin dragged his finger along the sketch, trying to get into Jungkook's mindset. A carrier for flowers. How would they make it work?

Looking at the different sketches Jungkook drew, Jimin could envision something.

"I like this one," Jimin nodded. "What else you got?"

Jungkook chuckled, flipping the page, the edge almost hitting their noses. "Books!"

Jimin gave him a look. "Books?"

"Here me out," Jungkook walked to one side of the store, waving his hands around. "We could cut a small pocket into those thick books, put soil inside, and have them hang from the ceiling."

Jimin leaned his arm onto the counter, leaning his chin onto the palm of his hand, smiling. "Books?"

Jungkook glared at him, nodding. "Books, Jimin. The ones you have stacked to the ceiling, the ones you buy and never end up reading."

"Hey!" Jimin pouted. "I'll get to it eventually! I'm just, you know, busy."

"Super busy," Jungkook rolled his eyes, laughing. "That's all my ideas, thanks for shooting them down."

Jimin watched Jungkook walk back to the opposite side of the counter, childish pout that Jimin shouldn't find adorable.

"I liked one," Jimin reminded him. "I think the carrier is a great idea, we can put some sort of design."

"I could make it," Jungkook offered. "I'm great at that, I have some references somewhere."

Jimin watched Jungkook thumb through his notebook, looking down at the bruises, sighing softly. Jungkook stopped, looking up at him.

"We can continue this later, if you're tired."

"What?" Jimin looked up from his bruises to Jungkook's brown eyes, tired eyes. He smiled at them. "Jimin?"

Jimin looked at them, staring back at them with softness that Jimin wasn't used to.

Taehyung looks at him with energy, eyes flickering from one thing to the other.
Namjoon barely looks at him, busy looking after his boyfriend.
Yoongi looks at him with adoration, like he would let Jimin drag him off somewhere and not complain.

But having Jungkook look at him, brown eyes looking at him, Jimin could feel himself melt. And they were getting closer, closer, closer.

"Stop me," Jungkook whispered, so low that Jimin almost missed it. Jimin reluctantly looked away from Jungkook's eyes, down to his lips. "Or else I won't stop."

What if he didn't want him to stop? Jimin tilted his head slightly, aligning their lips. Jungkook was getting closer when the bell on the door rang.

Jimin pulled away, cheeks burning up. "C–can I help you?"

He stopped when he saw Yoongi, eyes watering, cheeks flushed, lip bruised.

"Yoongi," Jimin breathed out, running to Yoongi. Yoongi just hugged him, tighter with every second he sobbed into Jimin's shoulder. "It's okay."

He rubbed Yoongi's back, sighing softly. Jimin knew, Seokjin sent him a text goodbye earlier that day, Yoongi must've come back from dropping Seokjin at the airport.

Yoongi sobbed, making Jimin maneuver him onto the couch, fixing his messy hair. Jimin cooed, grabbing some tissues from the table.

"I know," Jimin rubbed his hand, wiping away the tears. "I'm sorry."

Yoongi hiccuped, head turning to Jungkook. "Hey," his voice was hoarse.

Jungkook nodded at him, eyes turning to Jimin, who threw him an apologetic look. "I'll see you tomorrow," Jungkook grabbed his sketchbook. "Your friend needs you."

Jimim sighed, getting up and walking Jungkook outside, even if it wasn't a long walk, he wanted to.

"I'm sorry," Jimin sighed, looking up at Jungkook. "Thank you for the–"

Jungkook kissed his lips, slightly pushing Jimin against the mirror. Jimin put a hand on Jungkook's chest, smiling into the kiss.

"It's okay," Jungkook whispered. "But I wasn't leaving without kissing you."

Jimin smiled at him, cheeks warming up again. "I'm glad you didn't."

Jungkook smiled at him back, leaning in for another kiss, which Jimin happily welcomed him, completely forgetting his heartbroken friend as Jungkook's tongue met his.

Jimin moaned softly, head slowly spinning. Jungkook tasted of that stupid caramel coffee he likes so much, smelled like that cologne he once told Jimin that his mother buys for him.

He felt hands on his hips as Jungkook pulled away, panting softly. "You should probably get back to him."

"Oh," Jimin blushed, nodding. "You're right, uh, thanks?"

Jungkook laughed, pulling Jimin by the waist, kissing him again, the noise sending a shiver down Jimin's spine. "I'll see you tomorrow, rosebud."

Jimin actually giggled at the nickname, looking up at Jungkook's smile, knowing that it was cheesy, just like Jimin liked it.

Growing up, Jimin's been called many things. Whether it be negative or positive, he's has his list of nicknames.

He knew it then that 'rosebud' was definitely going to be his favorite.