1. Recognize and embrace your positive qualities

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2. Trust that you are competent

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3. Believe in your own Worth

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4. Think back to most recent experience where you felt you fell short, made a mistake, or messed-up and force yourself to name five things that went right

5. Stop comparing yourself to Others because:

Someone will Always be prettier
someone will Always be smarter
someone will Always be younger
but they will never be you.
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6. Smile more often every day

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7. Be gentle to yourself

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8.Focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go

9. Stand at edge of your comfort zone

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10. Heal your past

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11. Stop worrying about what others think

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12.compliment yourself because you are beautiful and you have to believe it

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13. Let negative people go

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14. Care about your appearance.

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