hi loves,

today i wanted to write about something that i really love. travelling. i've already seen a lot of the world, and i'm really thankful for that. (thanks mom and dad). i live in the netherlands btw, so most of the places i visited are in europe, but i've also been in the usa (hawaii, ny, florida, california), canada and some countries in asia and africa. my ultimate goal is to visit every single country, but you can't have everything right.
enough talking, let's go on to my bucketlist places.

alaska, usa
this is probably my number one, i mean, the nature. gosh. breathtaking.

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havana, cuba
my mom and dad have been here multiple times, it looks so fun and beautiful. i really really really wanna go there once.

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i don't wanna visit just one place in australia, but just the whole country is fascinating. definitely on my list.

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my dad says that this is a place you just must have visited. so i guess i should?

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this may sound stupid, but i'm already saving money for this trip. this is just so so so freaking beautiful.

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man, i can't get over the fact that this is in europe. so different. magical.

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this was only a tiny tiny part of my bucketlist. but the world has got so much beauty. we have to take care of this planet, there are so many incredible places.

hope you guys loved it,