• hey! i realize that school started a little while ago, but i still thought this could help some people, so here i am
  • this article will focus on how you can become organized and get your life together i guess

early nights

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going to bed early helps you wake up energized in the morning.

  • make sure you stay away from devices at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep
  • if it helps read a book or play calming music

waking up early

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as well as going to sleep early, make sure you also wake up at a good time!

  • try thinking of something to look forward to in the morning, like having a coffee
  • do something to relax before going to work
  • i've made a new article called 'reasons to wake up early' which gives you reasons to wake up, and these can motivate you, feel free to check it out!


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doing a bullet journal is an easy way to keep track of your current and upcoming tasks

  • try doing a simple/minimal design to save time
  • make monthly, weekly and daily page spreads


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an obvious way to stay organized - do work on time! make sure to do at least 30 minutes of work daily

  • it helps doing your work in chunks, as it becomes less overwhelming
  • avoid doing work the night before it's due, as this will decrease the quality of it


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having a clean environment really helps with concentrating on your work and clearing the mind

  • even small things like making your bed can help!
  • try to tidy up your room regularly, maybe about once a week
  • i'll do another article explaining how to clean your room well


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having good stationary can improve your work and makes your notes easier to read

  • go out and buy some new stationary, and this could motive you to use them and do the work!
  • highlighters are a must-have for taking effective notes and for revision.


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it's important to have some rest and rewards too! treat yourself to something like a netflix episode for completing work.

  • make sure you don't get carried away with it, set timers/time limits so you don't get distracted
  • do the work then the reward, NOT the other way round !!

get it over with!

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if you have work you know you need to do..just do it!

  • postponing work to the next day and saying "i'll do it tomorrow" won't get it done, just do it there and then to get it over with!
  • make sure not to overwhelm yourself, but try to get your work done asap

i hope this article has given you some good ideas, thanks for reading!

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