A tres metros sobre el cielo / Three Meters Above the Sky
This novel is both written and later turned into a movie by Italian writer and director Federico Moccia. The story is set in Italy and the plot follows the ardent but doomed love between Babi and Step. I personally enjoyed the storyline but at the end I was a bit annoyed with the characters.

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The movie is worth the watch too

The Last Song
I chose to read this book by Nicholas Sparks because I loved A Walk to Remember. I usually don't start books which movie I've watched. But for this one I made up my mind and I don' regret reading a single page from it. While reading I watched something which rarely happens to main heroines in romance novels. Ronnie (the female lead) matured throughout the book. She learned important lessons about first love, friendship and family. I highly recommend this book for teenage girls around my age.

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The movie is heart-wrenching too

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
I picked up this book today and so far I'm quite fond of it. But I like starting book series that I tend to leave unread. I hope this one won't be in the unfinished pile.

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The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
I'd hope to read this book soon. I like historical novels set in World War II. The story is about two sisters and their struggle to survive through the horror of the war.

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