Hello,my name is Reina,and this is my first article. Why I write this,well I really loveee to read articles,so I thought why would not write one?
Well,lets start with 10 facts about me:
1.I was born on 3th february (so I am an aquarius)

fairy tail and aquarius image

2.My favorite colors are red and white

rose, flowers, and white image

3.I LOVE ANIME,really much,when ever I have time I watch one anime

Image by Asphodèle

4.I love to learn history,everything about history.

stairs, marble, and luxury image

5.My favorite animals are wolf and lion

animal, cute, and lion image

6. My favorite number is 7.

space and love image

7.I would love to visit Japan,Egypt,UK,well a lot of countries

girl, travel, and aesthetic image

8.My favorite food is ICE CREAM

food, icecream, and yummy image

9.My favorite anime is Naruto Shippuden

anime, sakura, and sasuke image

10.My eye color is green.

adorable, rupanzel, and eyes image

I hope you like my article.
With love your Reina de Corazones