• hello! in this article, i will be showing you items you can incorporate into your outfits to improve them a bit.
  • obviously everyone has different fashion sense, so i understand that not all of the items featured in this article will be acquired to everyone's taste.
  • anyhow, i hope this article helps you develop your style in some way!


blue, carefree, and checkerboard image aesthetic, black, and blackandwhite image

shoes aren't usually the main focus of the outfit, so fairly plain ones often look best. i love checkered vans as they give off a 90's vibe.


blonde, cherry, and aesthetic image sun, aesthetic, and earrings image

jewelry (in this instance - earrings) can make a simple outfit seem more styled, so try to make them fun. for example, peaches or cherries.


80s, 90s, and style image 80s, 90s, and style image

this is a very simple way to style an outfit - just tuck in your shirt! it can make the outfit appear more 90's.


girl, bangs, and hair image aesthetic, black, and embroidered image

sometimes embroidery is already on clothing items, but if not, you can diy! there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.

mom jeans

fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, alternative, and denim image

mom jeans are definitely in style right now, and i love it! they have a great fitting and are v cute.


socks, banana, and eggs image vintage, radio, and music image

although socks aren't the main component of an outfit, having unique socks is always fun! sock prints can range from avocados to silly quotes.


fashion, style, and outfit image beach and yellow image

primary colors (red, yellow and blue) can make any outfit stand out. i love wearing them!

to be continued

  • i have now released a part two of this article, make sure to check it out! ty if you do.

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