I enjoy classic movies more than I do modern. And by modern, I mean made within recent years. By classic I mean, movies made before 1980. Here is a list of my favorites, I hope it inspires you to watch more.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast at tiffany's follows Holly Golighty, a gold digger, as she tries to find someone who can provide her with money. She; however falls in love with her upstairs neighbor that moves in in the beginning of the movie. She finds many suitors that have money, but it never works out in the end. She also receives a visit from her ex husband.

2. Rear Window
Jeff, a man with a broken leg, witnesses a murder from people watching out his window to the apartments across the way. The movie follows him, and his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) as they try to find out if it happened, how it happened, and where the body was hidden. a true Hitchcock classic everyone needs to see.

3. Gentlemen prefer blondes
Two showgirls (Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell) go on a boat as they venture to Paris for their next venue. They both meet men that they love, but experience trouble while on the boat. Unlike any of the above films on this list, this movie is a musical. By the end of the movie, they marry their guys because they are not as bad as the girls thought.

4. An Affair to Remember
Two married people meet on a cruise without their spouses, and fall in love. They make a plan to meet in New York at the top of the Empire State Building where they will profess their love for each other a year after the cruise.

5. Roman Holiday
a princess (Audrey Hepburn) sneaks away one night because she is tired of being a princess. She meets a journalist (Gregory Peck), and he gives her a ride to her house. The next morning, after being late for work arrives to discover that she is indeed the princess. He decides to write his article about spending the day with her. In the end, they have fallen in love with each other and he does not write his article, and instead gives her the pictures they took.