Hi beautiful hearters. This is my first ever article and it's about one of my favourite things to do: travel. This are the places i've been to

portugal, sea, and travel image travel, море, and мост image travel image beach, portugal, and sea image
Algarve, Portugal
london, Big Ben, and city image london, london eye, and city image nature image london, city, and Big Ben image
London, England
Image by αทαťҽɾɾα france, travel, and sky image
Colmar, France
city, light, and travel image travel image city, oporto, and portugal image architecture, books, and bookstore image
Porto, Portugal
paris, autumn, and fall image city image architecture, beautiful, and city image paris, city, and night image
Paris, France
city, autumn, and fall image beautiful, city, and river image travel and wanderlust image travel image
Zurich, Switzerland
Inspiring Image on We Heart It light, city, and amsterdam image amsterdam, travel, and autumn image travel, amsterdam, and city image
Amsterdam, Netherlands
azores, country, and portugal image nature, portugal, and run image azores and twin lakes image 6x6, acores, and azores image
Azores, Portugal
fall, france, and nature image travel image Strasbourg image couple and place image
Strasbourg, France
travel image colors, lisbon, and travel image beautiful, lisbon, and portugal image cities, europe, and Houses image
Lisbon, Portugal

Hope tou enjoyed!

Here is my travel colection