Okay, if you are 100% honest with yourself. How many times have you looked at your body and wished for smaller boobs, prettier stomach so you could look like those models on TV og in a magazine?

I am what people like to call a plus size girl. I have bigger boobs than most girls and because of that, my back hurts. When people meet my for the first time, they jugde me. They look at my boobs and think to themself, "Oh she got big boobs, she must be fat," but thats not true! I am perfect the way I am. It have taken me years to realize just that. I have spent years trying to changed my body, before I realized that every girl is different.

What I don't understand is the scale that define if we are plus size or not. According to this scale, over 50% of the woman are plus size. The models we see are the few that are not plus size.

We can't let some stupid scale define us. We are unique and special woman. We can do what ever we want, we can wear want ever we want.

Remeber: You are perfect and incredible the way YOU are!