• Stop caring what other people think, by not asking them for their opinion. You are mature enough to take your own decisions, even if it doesn't seem as a big deal. For example: You are going out with your friends, and you ask them, 'Is it OK to put on a dress or it is too classy for this occasion?' If you want to wear that dress, wear it, even if everyone else's wearing pajamas.
  • Calm down and relax, focus on your daily goals and commitments and don't spend time by thinking about other people.
  • Have a routine before going to bed and after getting up. To me it is a prayer, every morning first thing to do is to be grateful to God on everything He gave me and the last thing I do is also praying. Before morning prayer and after evening prayer I try not to talk with anyone, not to check on social media, etc. Just quiet 15 minutes, me and my thoughts. That gave me back my inner piece and happiness.
  • Don't give bad comments on anyone, even to those who behaved badly to you. Remember that you are hurting yourself more than that person.
  • Learn to forgive. I know that is hard at first, because it is not natural to want happiness for those who don't want it back to you. But forcing yourself to forgive as many times as needed, until you kick out bad feelings from your heart, will give you satisfaction in your life.
  • Get busy with your life and plan your future. That will keep you away from overthinking about past bad situations or other people, which consumes your energy. You don't live in a past, you live in a present moment, hoping for a better future. Overthinking kills happiness!
  • You are good enough! Believe in this.
  • Every opinion has to go through your filter. You shouldn't refuse everything, learn to choose what is best for you. Develop a critical thinking.
  • You decide on everything that is coming your way. It's like paving your own path.
  • Last, but not least, I would say from my experience , when I decided to put God on a first place in my life, everything came to the perfect place. Every advice from this article is on it's own and can't replace another one, but this one is enough to replace every one of them and more.

I hope this will help someone to change himself for better. Be kind!
Lots of Love.