I've just remember I've never made an article and why not make it music related as i am addicted to it. If you've got any music suggestions please message me!

Slide Thru (feat. Jerry Good) - blackbear

This song gets me pumped every time! I recommend this to anyone how loves music with a nice beat and loves to dance

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Homemade Dynamite (Feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA) - REMIX - Lorde

I'm in love with Post Malone and Lorde so this song is a blessing to me!

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Waiting (Feat. Noah Cyrus) - Jake Bugg

This is a song that makes me want to spend time with my friends and family that's why i love it. I'm soon to see Jake Bugg in Stoke and i cant wait!

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watch - Billie Eilish

Billie's voice is one of the best I've heard. Her voice reminds me of The Japanese House for some reason i hope i can see her live in the future!

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Mind - Declan McKenna

Declan is one of the best young song writers out there, he sings about real issues and i agree with everything. I recommend yous see him live (I was front rowwwwww)

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Television Romance - Pale Waves

Pale Waves are a new band that will be going on tour with The 1975 (the best band ever) i love Heather's voice i cant put them into a genre but if you like The 1975, Sundara Karma or The Night Cafe you will like Pale Waves.

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Mixed Signals - The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe is a band I'm only just getting into but because of the influence of Twitter and the people I follow I am now in love with the. they are opening up for Blaenavon this year.

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Orthodox Man - Blaenavon

Blaenavon is a band that's name is REALLY hard to say (bline-av-un) that I am (again) in love with and you most likely will be too.

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that's all i have right now. Hope you liked it! if you have anyone music suggestions please message me and please like this Article so other people can see this! Love you all, if you want to see more follow my music collection:

Macey xoxo