Hi beauties.
Today I'm going to talk about my dream house. We have all imagined how the house of our dreams would be: Picturesque, modern, rustic, large, cozy ...

Mine is located in Portland, Oregon. This place is one of my favorites for the weather and nature, the views are incredible.

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The structure of my house would be like the typical American house, you know, many windows, a porch and in a quiet and familiar neighborhood.

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The porch will be one of the places where I would sit and have a relaxing time. I feel the lights give a very warm atmosphere

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I like the feeling that gray and white gives together, the most certain is that my house is only of those two colors.
I like that the living room has a large comfortable sofa with cushions.
The most important is the grand piano.
In my dream house the living room has a large window through which you can go out to the garden and where there is plenty of natural light.

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In the kitchen the most important is the island where to have breakfast in the morning with my family and a double fridge.

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I am a super obsessed organization, this is the reason why everything will be perfectly placed

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I would like the dining room to be simple but cozy and nicely decorated, with flowers and plants everywhere.

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The common bathroom on the ground floor will be simple but nice.

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The room, located on the second floor, will be a large space, will have a large window that will enter natural light and have magnificent views.

A large and comfortable bed with a lot of pillows and blankets will be located right in front of the window.

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This space will be perfectly decorated with figures, plants, lights, candles and pictures, to give a cozy atmosphere.

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In my room there will be a sofa where to enjoy good music.

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A table with mirror full of makeup will give life to this space.

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The room will be connected to a large and spacious dressing room very bright and with plenty of storage space and mirrors.

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My private bathroom of my dreams is modern and fully equipped, with a large bathtub, shower, double sink, large mirror and plenty of storage space.

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On the second floor there will also be a laundry room, since it is the task that I least like, that room will be perfectly decorated to encourage me to do laundry.

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I want to be an important and recognized businesswoman therefore as a good business woman I need an office in which to work.

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A big fan of reading as I, need to have a room full of books with sofas where to rest and enjoy a good afternoon covered with a blanket.

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I will have a basement with a home cinema, because I love to spend time with people while I enjoy a good movie.

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And finally a garden in which to make barbecues and parties with friends.

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And this is the article this week, I know it is quite long but I hope that if you have read it you liked it and enjoyed it.