I'm sorry she said,
when no one listens,
she sat on her lonely bed.

With tears streaming down her face,
and thoughts of a happier place.

Again she said,
i'm sorry for everything.
For the dead roses and sadness i bring.

Please just listen,
to the words my eyes tell when they glisten.

Standing under the moonlight,
with a lonely, broken soul,
and no more strength to fight.

I'm sorry she said,
as she puts herself to sleep.
In a field of dark roses,
where no one notices.

I'm sorry,
i'm sorry for saying goodbye,
without telling why.

I'm sorry.

- A.K.


Heyy guys, so this was my first poem i wrote around winter last year. I was going through a really hard time (still am tbh). Idk if it's good or not, but i just wanted to post it. Would love a response on what you think, but please no hate :/ Should i post more? <3