Finnish education and schools are one of the bests in the whole world and therefore I´m proud to say I go to school in Finland. Now I´d like to share some informations and my own experienses with you!

The school system

It´s everyones liability to participate in compulsory education (grades 1-9)

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This is how our school system looks like.

Pre-school isn´t compulsory but many children still go there. Pre-school isn´t really a school. The children just go normally to kindergarten where a couple of sort "lessons" are held to them daily. Kids are taught numbers and alphabets via songs and games.

Free education and free lunch

Our basic education is all free. Only in upper secondary and university you have to pay for your books. A laptop is usually very handy and needed in studies so it´s advisable to acquire one. (Some schools offer laptops to their students for free.) Also participating your matriculation examinations (which you take in your last year on upper secondary to get your diploma) costs a little money. We also get free school meals and transportations and we have a high quality teaching materials.

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A good example of our ordinary school luch.

The atmosphere and clothing

In finnish schools we have more informal atmosphere than for example in England. We don´t have to wear school suits and there´s no limits towards our looks. Boys can have long hair and girls can have short, you can wear a dress, skirt, jeans, collars or what ever you like and you can also wear as much makeup as you like.

We don´t show the same amount of respect to our teachers nowadays than we did before or what many other pupils around the world still do. You can just call them "teacher" or by their first name. Of course we musn´t swear or be rude to them without any consequences. It´s still very important to be polite to everyone. Our teachers are very well educated and selected to their job with care. They are also very well paid.

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Subjects and schooldays

In primary school our school days are about from 9 am to 2 pm. They can be a little longer or little shorter. Earliest time a school day can start is 8 am and latest 10 am. In primary school 12 am is earliest and 3 pm the latest time a school day can end. In lower and upper secondary a school day can last to 4 pm.
In lower secondary there´s four periods in one semester (altogether 120h per semester so in one period there´s about 30 lessons a week) and upper secondary has 5 periods.

Finns are usually good at languages (except their own) We have to study english which starts in the 3rd grade. (According to the new curriculum it start already in the 2nd grade) In addition to english, we have to study both swedish and finnish because they are Finland´s national languages. We usually have a good selection of optional courses so in addition to core languages you can also study french, spanish, german, russian or other foreign languages.


Finland is divided in school holiday regions and has diversified autumn-, christmas-, winter- and summer holiday periods. These dates may vary a little. For example our christmas holidays are usually a little longer than 2 weeks. In attidion to these holidays, we may also get some casual days off from school (independence day, easter...)

Autumn Holiday: 2-7 days
Christmas Holiday: 1-2 weeks
Winter Holiday: 1 week
Summer Holiday: 10-11 weeks

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The list of holidays:


100% of finns can read and a huge amount of us are highly and well educated and have a well paid job. If you are interested in our school system and want to know more, please read the article below.

Thanks a lot for reading and feel free to share and save this to your own collections!