Hello everyone! I am living in Budapest for a year now, as I am studying medicine here. And I want to share with you some great places in Budapest that are worthy of seeing when you visit Budapest or if you live in this beautiful city, that are great for spending your free time with friends or by yourself. So let's start!

1. St. Stephen's Basilica

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One of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest. A gorgeous church that is amazing outside, as well as inside. It is very easy to get there by metro as it is in the center of the city. Transport in Budapest is really great and it is easy to move around the city. In addition, near the Basilica you can find Starbucks, the most famous in Budapest ice-cream shop, and a lot of different great restaurants and cafes. In summer, it is great to sit outside and enjoy the view. The building is built in Neoclassical style.

2. Hungarian Parliament Building

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Another place that you should definitely add to your list is Hungarian Parliament. A breathtaking building and you can get there by famous tram no.2, as well as by metro red line. It is the largest building in Budapest and is built in Gothic Revival style. The entrance fee is 2.000 HUF (‎€5-6) for EU citizens and 4.000 HUF (€12-13) for non-EU. And the best way to enjoy the tour is to buy the ticket in advance. It is a great place to enjoy yourself by just taking a walk nearby, or sit down and read a book and drink coffee. I am a year here and I still enjoy taking a walk there and I am still amazed by its beauty.

3. Gelarto Rosa - Ice Cream Shop

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So about the place, I was talking earlier. The best ice-cream shop, there is always a long queer there and if you are in Budapest you should give it a try. The ice-cream shop is located near Basilica. I chose a strawberry one here, so one scope costs 500 HUF (€2). The most favorite place during summer. Other time you can find delicious macarons and cakes.

4. Margaret Island

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Another of my favorite place in Budapest is Margaret Island. I love taking walks there or sometimes having a picnic with friends. It is the best place to go jogging, so every Sunday I go there for a short jog. It is very beautiful and peaceful there. When I have a long week in medical school, I like going there just to relax. You can't miss this spot when you are in Budapest. There is a lot of people enjoying themselves, riding bicycles, taking walks.

5. Shopping in Budapest

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The best place to do shopping is Arena Plaza, WestEnd City Center and Vaci street or Andrassy street. The biggest shopping center is Arena Plaza, with all shops we all love and great coffee shops and restaurants. The first floor is mostly, popular shops like Bershka, Zara, Pull&Bear and etc. As well as the biggest supermarket Tosco is on the first floor. In addition, in Arena Plaza on the third floor, you can find the cinema. So you can enjoy yourself, as there are movies in the English language as well. I am doing my shopping in Arena Plaza, or Vaci street, which also has shops like Bershka and Zara. The most busiest Starbucks is located near there, on the Deak Ference street. You can find Christmas market here as well. Another favorite place to do my shopping is WestEnd, also full of shops and restaurants. It is also very big and you can find everything you need. The most brand and expensive shops are located on the Andrassy street, where you can find Opera House as well.

6. Coffee Shops

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The favorite part of the city, coffee shops as I am obsessed with coffee. I am not going to talk about famous coffee shops. Shortly, you can find Starbucks, Costa coffee shop, California Coffee shop, Coffeeshop Company. In Starbuck's you will find a lot of students studying so it is very busy. The most beautiful coffee shop in Budapest is New York Cafe, very popular among tourists. I would say it is a bit expensive than other places. I was there for my birthday with a friend. Despite, higher prices, I think it is affordable. I really love that place, feels like you are in New York for real. Another favorite cafe, I like to go is Central Cafe. I love their coffee and cakes. The atmosphere there is very relaxing, my best friend found this place, and whenever we need a timeout, we go to this beautiful cafe and spoil ourselves with a great cup of coffee. And one of my favorite one and the cheapest among the three is Amber's French Bakery. It is located near my apartment, so I love going there often, sometimes to study, or meet with friends. There are times, I just take coffee to go and take a walk along the Liberty Bridge. It is also a very busy place but very comfortable.

I decided to share a little bit about my favorite city, hopefully, you would love to visit Budapest one day.