You broke me, like you broke all the promises you made.
You watched me drown in all of your lies.
You saw how I suffered under your control over me.
But you didn´t care, you never did.
You told me everything was fine.
You told me that you loved me.
But now I know I should´ve never even trusted you.
You treated me badly and I accepted it because no matter what you did I forgave you as soon as your warm hands surrounded my face and your soft lips touched mine.
I would´ve done everything for you and you were aware of that.
You told me I was your number one... but then she came and I was simply number two.
She was tall and skinny, she had beautiful eyes, but did they sparkle when she saw you the way mine did?
She had beautiful lips, but did they smile as soon as she saw you like mine did?
She had a beautiful face but did it light up when she saw you like mine did?
Had she really been better than me? Or were you simply tired of me?
Did you forget about me when you were with her? Or did you regret letting me go?
Didn´t you even waste a second to think about how I felt? Or did you feel guilty because you knew I was laying here, day and night, crying about my loss?
You replaced me like I was old clothing that didn´t fit anymore, like I was old furniture, you´ve seen way to often and got bored by, like I was only an object in your eyes, your beautiful, light green eyes with the deep brown sparkles.
After all this time I´m still asking myself if you´re telling her the same lies you told me, if you´re telling her that she´s the only one and you´re going to be there for her... if you´re swearing you love her like you did to me.
Tell me, was it really this easy to replace me? Because it isn´t easy for me to replace you!