22nd October 2017

It’s been a few days since my last article, but today I thought I would update you on how things are going with my crush, J.

So, as many of you know, J goes to my church and I’ve been crushing on him for a month now!
Today, I went to church, as per usual every Sunday. I was actually kind of dreading going to church because I was helping out with the little kid’s church, so I wouldn’t be able to see J until after church.
But J didn’t show up to church at all today, which I was very disappointed about.
Although he was not there, his younger brother was.
Okay, I’m not 100% sure wether it was his brother, but I swear this kid was his brother because he was legit a clone of J, only 2 years younger. He was just like J, handsome, tall, a good sense of style and a pretty fit build.
Anyway, I’m pretty sure J’s younger brother is now friends with my younger brother, which is really exciting because that means that our families will be a bit closer!
I don’t know wether this means anything, but J’s younger brother looked at me. It wasn’t just one of those accidental eye contacts you have with random strangers, but it was as though he noticed me, or recognised me, or had heard about me.
Maybe J has been talking about me at home......but he probably isn’t talking about me. It was probably all in my imagination

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated about J, but for now, why don’t you check out my other articles here:

Love y’all x