You can build walls, you can burn bridges, you can run thousand miles, yet still my mind is fooled about you. It’s been months and I still cry at lonely nights, when the stars are swimming around the moon in the dark sad sky. Sometimes I wonder how life is going for you, how your days start and end, how are you doing with people, how are you doing without me. Never have I ever wanted to rest my miserable soul by writing about you, but the melancholy I’m living at is beyond me. It’s kinda weird how connection can be faded between two people who used to have the most compatible hearts, kinda ironic how promises can be spoken and actions prove them wrong, kinda funny how you’re laughing at your own right now while I’m still wondering how things changed at a blink of an eye. Listening to your songs is what I do most of times just to revive those wonderful moments spent with you. I was closing my doors in front of anyone until you wrecked them with all of your power, and with a magical trap you made me blind enough not to push you away. You reached the deepest sides of my soul, you took the left parts of my heart of glass and shattered them, now not only my heart is broken but my whole world is falling down. Tell me how could you do all this damage to me? How did I even let you in? How could you be forgetting about me after all what we had? How could you leave this way?
You don’t have the right to leave me this way.